Developing a Web Platform for Managing and Monitoring Teams, Teachers, and Students

Developing a Web Platform for Managing and Monitoring Teams, Teachers, and Students

Our client, an educational NGO with support from UNICEF, approached us with the challenge of developing a web platform for managing and monitoring teams, teachers, and students primarily in the fields of education and rehabilitation at the peak of the COVID epidemic. However, the platform needed to be adaptable to suit the needs of managing any kind of other online or physical activity.

The organization often faced difficulty in managing activities with many people involved and wanted a solution to address this issue. Our team worked closely with the client to understand their specific needs and requirements and designed a web platform that would address their challenges.

We designed the web platform in a way that allowed us to include all the people involved in the activity, along with their roles and responsibilities, and connect them with the tasks and events that they conducted in real time. This gave the users a clear and comprehensive view of their tasks and responsibilities and allowed supervisors to easily assign tasks to different users.

Every event that occurred during the activity was also created with all the necessary information and presented in an integrated calendar. If needed, a link for a private online meeting room was also generated, allowing users to better manage their time and supervisors to monitor the progress and productivity of each user or group.

In addition to the real-time monitoring and management capabilities, the web platform also generated smart and detailed reports for everything that happened during the activity. The data was presented in a way that gave a complete picture of the progress of each student, patient, or process, along with any difficulties the staff or students were facing and suggestions for improvement.

Overall, the web platform provided our clients with a clear digital representation of the entire activity, allowing them to easily manage and monitor their staff and increase the effectiveness and success of their project. The adaptability of the platform also means that it can be used in a variety of other contexts, making it a valuable tool for organizations looking to manage and monitor teams and activities.