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NEBULA ENGINEERING DOO TETOVO is a consulting firm that offers you software services.
  1. Controller


    Contact: +1 (510) 296-9900

    Email: [email protected]

  2. ZLP Officer

    Name and surname: Maria Kocevska Cvetanoska

    E-mail address: [email protected]

    Phone number: 072 271 158

  3. For what purpose are personal data collected?

    We collect your personal data exclusively for the needs of smooth maintenance and running of work processes.

  4. Definitions

    "Personal data" is any information relating to an identified natural person or an identifiable natural person (personal data subject), and an identifiable natural person is a person whose identity can be determined directly or indirectly, in particular, based on an identifier such as first and last name, citizen identification number, location data, online identifier, or based on one or more characteristics specific to his physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.

    "Processing of personal data" is any operation or set of operations performed on personal data, or a group of personal data, automatically or otherwise, such as: collecting, recording, organizing, structuring, storing, adapting or changing, withdrawing, consultation, inspecting, use, disclosure by transmission, publication or otherwise making available, matching or combining, restriction, deletion or destruction.

    A "collection of personal data" is a structured group of personal data that is accessible according to specific criteria, regardless of whether it is centralized, decentralized, or spread on a functional or geographical basis.

    "Controller" is a natural or legal person, state authority, state authority or legal person established by the state for the exercise of public powers, agency or other body, which independently or together with others determines the purposes and method of processing personal data, and when the purposes and method of personal data processing are determined by law, the controller or the special criteria for its determination are determined by the same law.

    "Processor of a collection of personal data" is a natural or legal person, state authority, state authority, or legal person established by the state for the exercise of public powers, agency, or other body that processes personal data on behalf of the controller.

    "User" is a natural or legal person, state authority, state authority, or legal person established by the state for the exercise of public powers, agency, or other body to which personal data is disclosed, regardless of whether it is a third party or not. The bodies of the state government and the state bodies to which the personal data are disclosed within the framework of a special investigation in accordance with the law are not considered users, while the processing of this data by these bodies must be in accordance with the applicable rules for the protection of personal data according to the purposes of that processing.

    "Special categories of personal data" are personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, as well as genetic data, biometric data, data relating to health or sex life data, or the sexual orientation of the natural person.

  5. Whose personal data do we process?

    - Employed persons

    - External consultants

    - Engaged persons

    - Job applicants

    - Visitors to our website

  6. What is the legal basis for processing your personal data?

    - Your consent

    - Legal basis (Law on records in the field of labor, Law on labor relations, Law on payment of wages, Law on performing accounting work, Law on employment and unemployment insurance, Law on bond relations)

    - Employment contract or contractual relationship with you

  7. What categories of personal data do we process and collect?

    The list of the collection of personal data is on the link.

  8. How do we protect your personal data?

    - Double verification when creating emails for employees and external collaborators.

    - According to the hierarchy of Nebula Engineering DOO, different persons have access to the personal data that we process. The administrator is the one who gives the authorizations to our consultants.

  9. Is automated decision-making and/or profiling used?

    Your consent will be the only legal basis for this processing of your personal data

  10. Is the information shared with third parties?

    Nebula Engineering DOO Tetovo may disclose your personal data to competent state authorities for the purposes of conducting procedures in accordance with the law.

    The data may be disclosed due to control by the competent Agency or an authority assigned to it.

    For each disclosure of your personal data, Nebula Engineering LLC will keep a written record.

    If sharing with third parties outside the country is necessary, your consent is necessary.

    According to the agreement:

    The personal data are processed in accordance with the conditions specified in the contract.

    Nebula Engineering DOO regulates the protection of personal data that is shared with third parties on a contractual basis, with the aim of ensuring an appropriate level of protection and security of users' personal data.

  11. Data retention period

    Your personal data contained in employment contracts are stored in accordance with legal regulations, for no longer than 45 years.

    Personal data in engagement agreements as well as copyright agreements are stored for up to 10 years in physical form, and electronically for up to 15 years.

    With the direct consent given by you, Nebula Inzhinering undertakes to keep them for a maximum of 2 years.

  12. Legal rights of subjects under ZZLP

    Right to information

    Nebula Engineering DOO Tetovo has an obligation to inform you regarding which personal data it collects from you, the purpose of their collection, the term of their storage, as well as whether they are shared with a third party.

    (specified in all types of contracts)

    Right of access

    At the request of the subject, the controller has the obligation to provide detailed information to the subjects about the data it processes for them.

    The subject has the right to receive information about:

    - the purposes of the processing

    - types of personal data that are processed

    - users whose personal data is provided for use

    - terms of storage

    - the right to correction or deletion

    - restriction of processing

    - the right to object

    Right to rectification

    If, during access, the subject notices that his personal data is incorrect or incomplete, he has the right to request their correction and addition.

    Right to erasure

    The subject of personal data has the right to ask the Controller to delete his personal data in cases where:

    - the goals for which they were processed have been fulfilled

    - if the consent is withdrawn, and there is no other legal basis

    - if the subject objects to the data processing

    - if personal data were illegally processed

    - in order to comply with the legal obligation of the controller

    - if the data was collected in connection with the offer of information society services

    Right to restriction of processing

    The subject of personal data may request restriction (blocking) of data processing in cases where:

    - disputes their accuracy

    - the processing is illegal, and the subject opposes data deletion

    - the data is no longer needed by the Controller but is needed by the subject for the fulfillment of his legal requirements.

    - when the subject files an objection, then the outcome of the objection is awaited

    Right to portability

    The subject of personal data has the right to receive his personal data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format and to transfer the same to another controller, without interference from the Controller.

    This right is applicable when:

    - processing is carried out on the basis of consent or agreement

    - when the processing is carried out by automated means

    Right to object

    The subject of personal data has the right to file an objection:

    - based on a specific situation related to it and when processing personal data based on public or legitimate interest, including profiling

    - processing of personal data is carried out for the purposes of direct marketing and profiling related to direct marketing

    - the processing of personal data is carried out for the purposes of scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes

    Right in relation to automated decision-making and profiling

    The subject has the right to request not to be subject to a decision based solely on automatic data processing, on the basis of profiling, if that decision causes legal consequences for him. The controller may not make such a decision if the subject has requested in writing not to make such a decision.

    Right to withdraw consent

    At the request of the subject, the Controller will stop processing his personal data. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of the processing that was carried out on the basis of consent before the withdrawal.

  13. Amendments to the Statement

    Nebula Engineering DOO Tetovo undertakes to regularly update personal data if it has knowledge or at your request.

    We encourage you to follow the changes and additions to the Privacy Statement, all in order to be timely informed about the protection of the processing of your personal data.

  14. AZLP

    If you believe that we do not process personal data in accordance with the GDPR, you can contact

    Personal Data Protection Agency Blvd. "Goce Delchev" no. 18 Skopje

    [email protected]