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Case Studies

See how our innovative solutions have transformed businesses and made a real impact. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, and this page showcases our passion for technology and problem-solving. Take a look and see for yourself why we are a leading software development company.

Consolidating and Analyzing Data for a Leading Pharmaceuticals Enterprise

A team of data engineers helped a pharmaceuticals enterprise consolidate their data from multiple systems into a single data warehouse with robust governance and security protocols. The implementation allowed the client to gain valuable insights and make more informed decisions, resulting in improved business performance.

Improving Production Efficiency with a SmartAndon-System

Our client, a global technology company, implemented our smart Andon system at one of itsmanufacturing plants, resulting in increased production efficiency and reduced responsetime to production problems. The system was recognized as a best practice by the client'stglobal headquarters.

Cloud Architecture for an e-commerce startup

As a rapidly growing e-commerce startup, our client was facing challenges with their traditional monolithic architecture. In order to improve scalability and reliability, we proposed a multi-tenant cloud architecture based on Kubernetes. This allowed us to divide the platform into independent components that could be easily scaled and updated without downtime.

Enhancing Data Engineering Capabilities with Team Augmentation

As a leading media company, our client faced a growing need for advanced data engineering capabilities. They turned to team augmentation to quickly and effectively scale up their data engineering team, enabling the organization to take on more complex data projects and drive business growth. The approach proved successful, improving team morale and productivity.

Developing a Web Platform for Managing and Monitoring Teams, Teachers, and Students

We designed a web platform to manage and monitor teams, teachers, and students in the fields of education and rehabilitation. The platform included all people involved, their roles and responsibilities, and connected them with tasks and events in real time. Supervisors could easily assign tasks and users had a clear view of their responsibilities.

Building a Multi-Tenant MRP System on Kubernetes and FastAPI

Nebula Cloud Solutions has developed a MRP system on Kubernetes and FastAPI for SMEs. The system is scalable, secure, and allows for multi-tenancy with data isolation. It has been successful in helping businesses improve their processes and increase efficiency.

Scalable Real-Time News Aggregator for Tracking Media Sentiment and Trends

Our real-time news aggregator uses advanced algorithms and technology to quickly and accurately process large volumes of news in real time. This includes natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to cluster news into topics and rank them by relevancy and trendiness.

Redesigning the Peugeot Websites for Peugeot Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Albania

The Peugeot website was redesigned to match the updated look provided by Stellantis N.V. and improve the user experience for Peugeot customers in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Albania

Successfully Increasing Repeat Business with a Custom Loyalty Program:A Restaurant Chain in Illinois

The restaurant chain in Illinois implemented a custom loyalty program using QR code coupons, resulting in increased customer loyalty and repeat business.